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Eighty years after its debut in batman no. 1, the Joker remains one of the most iconic villains in popular culture. The Clown Prince of Crime has long tormented Batman and the people of Gotham City, viewing the morals and society upon which the world is built as nothing more than a joke.

Many talented actors have played the Joker over the years, and despite how they capture the heart of the character, each of them is different in their own way. Check out all the best Jokers and see who has the last laugh.

8. Caesar Romero

Character actor Cesar Romero was the first to play the Joker in live-action with his role in 1966 Batman, and his character ate up the wackiness of his comic book counterpart. Unlike his successors, who chose the full method to play the Joker, Romero never took his character too seriously and just enjoyed it as the Joker would. He even refused to shave off his mustache to play the character, and it’s clearly visible despite his white makeup. However, due to the campy, kid-friendly nature of the show, Romero’s Joker acts more like a goofy prankster looking for a laugh, with no desire to kill people or cause havoc, which doesn’t quite hold up in the era. of modern comics stories.

7. Jared Leto

Jared Letos Joker was soured by his questionable character design, limited screen time, and somewhat edgy dialogue. The character of him can be somewhat forgiven due to studio interference in the production of Suicide squad. Luckily, Letos Joker showed drastic improvement in Knightmare’s epilogue Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Referencing how he killed Robin, this scene saw the Joker exploit all of the Dark Knights’ failures and losses in a vicious psychological brawl before surprising everyone and teaming up with him. This scene proved that there is more to Leto’s character than style and flair, and that with the right material he can be anything but a bad joke.

6. Barry Keoghan

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There hasn’t been much of Barry Keogan’s Joker in Matt Reeves’ new Gotham, but this fresh new talent has shown great promise as the Clown Prince of Crime. Appearing in the epilogue and a deleted scene of The Batmanthis Joker was born with an illness that left him with a permanent smile and spends most of his screen time imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.

His backstory might rile some viewers the wrong way, but this Joker has proven to be a master manipulator in Hannibal Lecter’s vein, as he manages to make the Riddler his ally and step into Batman’s skin. There’s no word on what Reeves has in store for audiences with this new Joker, but the villain has left people smiling and amazed in anticipation.

5. CameronMonaghan

Cameron Monaghan stands out for playing not one, not two, but Three several Jokers from the same series. In the underrated TV show GothamMonaghan plays twin brothers Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska, the latter of whom becomes a villain after Jerome posthumously sprays him with a special laughing toxin, bringing his evil upon the world.

While Jerome is an anarchist seeking to spread chaos and hatred throughout Gotham, Jeremiah is a calculating criminal mastermind obsessed with torturing Bruce Wayne. But both versions seem to come together to form something new after Jeremiah falls into a vat of chemicals and returns to evil years later, transforming into the Joker many fans know and love.

4.Jack Nicholson

As one of the few Jokers to be given a first and last name, Jack Napier is a dastardly mobster responsible for the murders of Bruce Wayne’s parents in Tim Burton. Batman. But ironically, Napier becomes the Joker after falling into a vat of chemicals during an encounter with Batman, the hero he inadvertently created, many years later.

Just like Nicholson’s version of Jack Torrance in The brilliant, this Joker deviates from the comics by being an evil man who only becomes more dangerous after becoming a super-villain. While this may not be as terrifying as some other Joker origin stories, Nicholson still gives a delightfully evil performance as the Clown Prince of Crime, blending the sadism and theatrics of villains to create the world’s fully functional homicidal artist. .

3. Joaquin Fenice

Inspired by Taxi driver AND The king of comedy, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker (aka Arthur Fleck) is a sympathetic and tragic villain due to how he is offended by society at a young age. Orphaned, abused, and poverty-stricken from day one, Fleck is left to simmer in his misery without proper care and support until everything bubbles to the surface in an explosion of rage and violence.

The Joker is meant to reflect the absolute darkest of humanity and iteration of Joaquin Phoenix of the character it embodies all the anger and sadness that many people secretly carry within them about how the world has let them down.

2. Mark Hammill

Who would have thought Luke Skywalker would be such a great villain? Legendary Mark Hamill found his breakout role voicing the Clown Prince of Crime in the 90s cartoon Batman: The Animated Series. In this series, the Joker features the perfect blend of silliness and darkness to stick in the minds of audiences young and old. Also, his hoarse voice as the Joker is probably the villain’s most distinctive one.

Since then, Hamill has continued to reprise his role in DC’s larger animated universe, with appearances in many films and spinoffs. He also voiced the villain in the acclaimed Arkham video games, which made his character much darker and more memorable.

1. Heath ledger

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Heath Ledgers Joker is the absolute embodiment of chaos, as well as an acting tour de force. Ledger’s delivery of his lines, as well as his movements and mannerisms, made him such an unsettling presence on screen that legendary actor Michael Caine claimed he forgot his lines while filming with him. not much is known about his past, as he changes the story about how he got the scars every time he tells it.

This ambiguity in his backstory implies that even the Joker no longer knows it, encapsulating his belief that absolutely anyone can become like him. And he succeeds perfectly in his plan to spread this idea by turning Harvey Dent into the evil Two-Face. This Joker set a new standard not just for villains in comic book movies, but for cinema in general.

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