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People often tend to regret decisions they’ve made in the past because of the information available to them, and that decision aligned with their needs during that time. While sometimes people appreciate these decisions but mostly regret them, one such case is the former CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Meyer, who regrets her decision to buy Tumblr over Netflix.

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During an interview recently, the former Yahoo CEO regretted her decision not to buy the streaming platform, which has now become one of the largest streaming platforms raking in nearly $8.16 billion in revenue alone. in the first quarter of 2023. Meanwhile, Tumblr just had net revenue of just $263,000. After Marissa Mayer’s interview went public, people around the world were shocked and took to Twitter to share their reactions on Twitter.

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Marissa Mayer regrets three decisions during her time at Yahoo

During her interview with Emerging Tech Brew, Marissa Meyer was asked if she could have reversed any decision when she was at the top of Yahoo. Mayer replied that she regrets making three decisions that she would have made differently. Marissa Mayer shared that the first reason was obvious, which was hiring a different COO.

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Marissa Meyer, the former CEO of Yahoo

“My perspective on Yahoo is that there are probably three things I would have done differently. One is obvious: I hired the wrong COO; I would have hired a different COO. i would have assumed [current Integral Ad Science CEO] Lisa Utzschneider, who became my revenue manager. And that would have been great.

Mayer added that he regrets buying Tumblr over Hulu or Netflix in 2013, which would have given them a better transformative acquisition than the microblogging company.

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“We looked into a transformative acquisition and bought Tumblr. At the same time, we were also considering whether to buy Hulu or, ironically, Netflix. And I think Netflix was $4 billion and Hulu was $1.3 billion at the time. And one of those, in hindsight being 20/20, would have been a better acquisition.

Finally, the former Yahoo CEO shared that the biggest regret would be not doing the “tax-free spin-off of Alibaba to separate the company’s assets.” He added how making that decision would save billions of dollars for company stakeholders and help them have better revenue.

“And probably the biggest, if you had me name just one, is that we would have had to spin-off Alibaba tax-free to separate the company’s assets. Because one, if we did, would have saved $10 billion for our shareholders or made them that much money, whichever way you look at it, in taxes that have been paid.

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“And two, it would have allowed Yahoo to continue as an independent company and potentially be more successful. It is now an independent and privately held private equity firm. But I’m not sure the foray through Verizon was as helpful to some of the technologies and what they had to offer as it could have been.

While Marissa Mayers regrets making three decisions during her tenure at Yahoo, Twitter users have been quick to take to the platform and share their thoughts on the platform, making the former CEO regret her decision even more.

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People share their opinion on Twitter

When people learned that Yahoo bought Tumblr over Netflix and Hulu, they were quick to share their take on the platform, sharing all kinds of comments and gifs to make the company regret their decision and laugh at the tech company for their decision in 2013. Users didn’t apologize when one of them tweeted like the company “Messed up big time.”

Another user tweeted that the company should look into its management as it made a catastrophic mistake.

Another user shared how the company missed an opportunity to make large sums of money by throwing the piano in a trash can and throwing a grenade in the trash can.

Another user tweeted how they forgot the company even existed before the news broke.

Another user shared that Yahoo suffered a huge loss just by tweeting “L.”

Another user reminded people how the company should have bought Google, but they missed that opportunity as well. Adding that the company tends to make terrible business decisions.

It’s hard to say why Yahoo tends to make disastrous business decisions that affect them financially, but it’s no surprise that Netflix has definitely become a bigger name in the technology company, where people can watch their favorite shows and movies according to their needs and demands. .

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Source: Emerging Tech Brew

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