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It’s been a very important week for the British royal family and the internet couldn’t care less. The monarch crowned their new King Charles III and Queen Camila, in an elaborate ceremony, while many prominent figures were in attendance. The internet has translated the rather heavy and vital week for the British monarch as one of the most “memeable” moments. Even though UK residents are beaming with joy after finally having a new king, Twitter is home to every intellectual discourse ever, it doesn’t seem to share similar sentiments about this with Britain.

King Charles III’s coronation day has been in the making for several months and as soon as the date arrived, the topic was a trending talking point that let the monarch know in unison that he didn’t care about them. Coronation week was supposed to feel like this on the internet, but the influx of memes is much higher than expected.

Coronation of King Charles III
Coronation of King Charles III

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People on the internet don’t care about the coronation

To be very precise, the disinterest in the coronation of King Charles III stems from several interconnected elements, including evolving perceptions of the monarchy, declining media attention, generational shifts and public perceptions of King Charles himself III. People on the Internet especially remembered Princess Diana and the tragic fate she experienced on the very day of the coronation of Charles III, the alleged prejudices raised by Princess Diana in the past as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have hinted in recent times to them to boycott the royal ceremony in honor of the queen of hearts. Many missed their beloved princess very much.

Beyond that, the current generation no longer finds elaborate conservative celebrations appealing. Traditional media has also seen a decline in viewership in recent years, as digital platforms dominate the news landscape. Their inability to simply catch up with the times is also responsible for the steep drop in popularity. As one person tweeted in disbelief,

One person on the app tweeted something that showed the exact emotion of the entire portion of people participating in the debate,

Many also joked that the Queen didn’t deserve the title and deemed her the “side girl” or “the other woman” in the situation. Some of the tweets are,

This user was not alone as it was evident that many shared similar feelings with the user,

This, therefore, has led to the trend of hashtags like #NotMyKing and #AbolishTheMonarchy on the platform. The only eyes that are watching and keeping abreast of the monarch’s every move are only there for the drama surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as of late and nothing more.

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Some of the important moments of the coronation

Elements of the elaborate ceremony that stole the show and completely shifted the spotlight from the new King Charles III and the Queen were Katy Perry and Prince Louis, the youngest son of Prince William and the Princess of Wales. Prince Louis’ occasional yawns between ceremonies got the internet laughing and was the time people on Twitter resonated the most. Singer Katy Perry, who was also in attendance, stole the show when she was seen taking a selfie just before walking down to the abbey in her lavender ensemble.

Prince Louise
Prince Louis yawned in the middle of the royal ceremony

Prince Harry also created quite a stir by attending the event alone and then leaving the event in a hurry to assist his wife and children in the United States. All in all, it was a pretty successful event. While people couldn’t care less about the event or Charles III, the little moments that unexpectedly surfaced and made social media users laugh, in turn, made the ceremony memorable for the internet.

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